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Getting Your Joy Back

Life comes at you full throttle sometimes. The next thing you know your joy, your vitality and love for life is gone. Let’s take a journey together and discover how the joy of the Lord is your strength. Find out ways to restore your joy on your own, strategies for protecting your inner joy and how to spread it around.

Identity Discovery

Find out what makes you come alive and then go do that. What does Heaven’s book of destiny say about you? What are the keys to unlocking your potential? How do you find out how He made you and for what purpose? Let’s dive in the deep waters and discover your identity.

You vs. Fear

Many of us have an ongoing boxing match happening in our minds between Fear and Ourselves. AND we tend to be the loser. It’s time to get our boxing gloves on, work on our fighting stance and learn how to do that knockout punch. Isn’t it time you kicked fear to the curb?

Dream Discovery

We’ve encountered dream killers, dream stealers, and dream destroyers along life’s pathways. Now is the time to get your dream back. To resurrect old dreams and discover what Papa dreams for you. Take your dream and break it into goals and objectives. Realize you can, with God’s help, make it come true.

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