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Signed Copy of Time to Rise and Shine


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It’s time to let go of the religious trappings of old, the traditions of man, the oppressive ways of the enemy. This is a heart’s cry to come and be transformed into the likeness of Christ, calling the Bride of Christ into her destiny, her identity.

The Church has been told what to do, given the top five ways to make it happen and a comfy seat to sit in while they watch the sage on the stage preach one more sermon, and enjoy one more musical performance by the worship team. Religious tradition has assembled a mass of spectators to watch a special few “do the work of the Lord.”

Meanwhile, broken, sick and downtrodden people are falling to the wayside every day, ignorant of the Love of the Father, blinded to the Truth of who they really are.

It is time to tear up the box religion has put the Church inside and make picket signs out of it. It is time to discuss what being a true follower of Jesus Christ looks like and dig into executable tactics on how to do just that.

So, here we go. Get in, sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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